Surrender Your Power at The Feet of Mistress Val.

It's Time To Let Go.

Basic BDSM.


Flogging, spanking, light bondage, sensory deprivation.

Dare to face your fears, with a strong, confident, yet gentle guide, that will walk you to your edge and back. 

will take you to the edge of no return and bring you back, longing for more.

Shadow Work.

Embracing your dark side, unleash all the things you’ve been hiding from. Facing your fears by allowing your mistress to walk you through your deepest fears. Experience things you have been avoiding all of your life. Unveil shame, and everything you once thought would be, taboo.

Online Client.

You don’t have to be in my physical presence in order for me to dominate you. Tell me your desires, and your fears, and I’ll walk you there.

Coaching with a twist.

Are you the kind of person that needs real strong motivation to get things done?  Need focus, and direction? Your Mistress will hold you accountable and punish you when you need it too. I will discipline you and make sure you stay on track.

Sensory Play.

Let go of control, as your mistress takes over every part of you, helping you dive deeper into pleasure beyond your wildest dreams.

Goddess Worship.

Get lost in the world of exploring the Goddess. Learn how to touch her, love her, and find yourself in honoring the Goddess.

Finding The Right Domme.

you must be 21 or older to Schudel a session with Mistress Val Dawn.

I will not a good fit for you if, you’re looking for degradation, scat scenes, needle play, electric, blood, any kind of drugs or intoxication, anything that would be considered unlawful, underage or etc. I only do humiliation in Shadow work sessions, if needed as a way of pushing you through an edge or fears.

There is something so beautiful when a man or woman lets go and truly surrenders every part of them to just this moment. As they allow me into their world through pure submission.

You trust me to take away your sight, and I give you vision. You trust me to take away your speech, and I give you back your voice. You trust me to take away your mobility, and I give you wings.


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